More Positive QR Code Data for the Naysayers!

By | December 20, 2013

Just out from Mobile Shop Talk — new data from Marketing Land shows that 15% of shoppers are scanning barcodes or QR Codes as part of the shopping experience.  Here’s the range of what shoppers do:

  • 31% — Compare prices of products through Amazon, other online retailers
  • 30% — Look for offers and coupons
  • 28% — Call friends or family for advice
  • 27% — Look for product reviews
  • 18% — Found other stores that have a desired product in stock
  • 15% — Scan barcodes or QR Codes
  • 13% — Look for gift ideas

Granted, scanning other types of barcodes is not the same as scanning a QR Code, but increasingly, we see barcodes and QR Codes being lumped together in mobile shopping surveys. This tells me, not that QR Codes are going away, but that they are mainstreamed.

These days, I am no more surprised when I see a QR Codes on a label, postcard, product package, or magazine ad than I am a web address. They’ve become part of the landscape.

I see fewer and fewer codes with text above or below them explaining how to scan them or how to access a reader if readers don’t have one — less frequently enough that, in combination with the steady, consistent 15-30% rate of scanning among smartphone users, I’m considering removing the addition of “how to use” text from my list of best practices for QR Codes.

What do you think?

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One thought on “More Positive QR Code Data for the Naysayers!

  1. Kostagh

    Right. 15%. Highly relevant. And that from the total of smartphone users. Again, these are data for USA only. Right… I’m asking myself again why did I sign up for this anyway… I live and work in Europe. In a country where smartphone penetration is somewhere close to 30-35% of the total amount of mobile phones.
    Right. Supposing that rate (15% of users) applies to smartphones here… I’d be targeting the huge amount of 5-8% of the mobile phone users. Right. Just great! Love the insight! Many thanks!

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