Another Great Stat for Promoting 1:1 Printing

By | January 14, 2014

Are you keeping a log of stats for promoting 1:1 printing over online alternatives? One of the categories of stats I keep seeing recently is how a high percentage of online targeting is completely mistargeted.

Most recently, Blue Research noted that not only is online advertising mistargeted, but consumers are getting so irritated by irrelevant advertising that they are abandoning the brands doing it.

Here’s the latest:

96% of consumers report receiving mistargeted information or promotions. While that’s not new, many are so fed up that they are abandoning brands as a result. [1]

Sure, there is the occasional database mess-up in 1:1 printing, but overall, targeting in print is highly accurate. The contrast with online mistargeting can create a powerful impression on customers thinking of reducing print volume in favor of electronic alternatives.

[1] 2014 Consumer Research: Social Login and Personalization (Blue Research 2014)

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4 thoughts on “Another Great Stat for Promoting 1:1 Printing

  1. Robert Godwin

    Relevancy is the only value to 1:1 messaging. Mess that up and you are only killing trees. But it isn’t just a database foul up that creates the issue, that is simply a mistake.

    A more significant issue is the interpretation of the marketing analytic. If the marketing team has missed the target message from their surveys, then no media can recover.

    If data isn’t hygienic, there is a profit to be made in offering that cleansing service. An opportunity for printers relying on 1:1 service sets is to provide analytical processing and suggesting the media mix to best hit the targeted prospects. A bit further upstream, higher margins, and not a commodity.

    If the message is off, the boat has sunk at the dock.

  2. Maria Del Amo

    Heidi this is a great post. As I market to Higher Ed, the question of what’s better direct mail or online marketing always comes up. This is a specially sensitive subject when schools try to promote their online programs. The link to the research didn’t work for me. Is it possible for you to email the link to me? I interested in reading what else was uncovered. Thanks, Maria

  3. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    Hi, Maria. I don’t know why that is showing up as a live link. It wasn’t meant to be, and I can’t get it to go away. Here is a link that shows the stat, although it’s from a promo for a Webinar on social login:

    The best resources for your purposes that I am aware of is the PODI case study archive. It breaks out its case studies by vertical market, and currently there are 71 cases studies in its education and government vertical. One of them is for Provost Academy, which is an online high school. I mention it in “State of Personalized URLs: 2013” because it’s such a powerful example.

    Xerox, Canon, XMPie, and many of the other press and 1:1 software providers have case study databases, too.

    I might suggest creating a white paper using the best examples you can find, along with your own experience, to have on hand to show your clients. The best examples always come from your own vertical, and fortunately for you, higher education is one of the most active users of 1:1 printing.

  4. Laura

    When targeting is the key to the success of direct mail it amazes me how many advertisers get it wrong.

    Virgin Media are a classic example – I can’t get their internet or TV at my home, yet I’m inundated with direct mail from them!

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