3 Strategies for Keeping Customers Mailing that You Might Be Overlooking

By | March 12, 2014

With the increase in postal rates, are your customers becoming more timid about mailing? Here are three strategies you can suggest to both increase their confidence in their mailing efforts while also strengthening your relationship with them and boosting their confidence in you as someone who does more than print.

1. Test even clients’ “go to” lists. 

Especially as postal rates rise, it’s important for your clients to know what’s working and what’s not. The only way to really know that is to test it. Everyone has a favorite “go to” list, but the list that was working best six months ago isn’t necessarily the one that is working best today.

It’s easy to forget that the end user’s needs, perceptions, and relationships with marketers change over time. Encourage your clients to test old lists as well as new ones.

2. Place greater priority on creative.

In this industry, we think lists, segmentation, personalization, offer. But really creative graphics and messaging are becoming more important than ever.  Instead of adding a new field to the database, how about suggesting that they test some new creative ideas instead?

Suggest running A/B tests on different graphics, different creative approaches, and different layouts. Those things can affect response rates more than many clients may realize.

Imagine encouraging them to test a variable they had not considered in the past and they discover a subtle change that increases their response rates considerably. Suddenly, you’re the hero.

3. Consider different mailing formats.

I recently read a study of different mailing formats. A marketing agency tested personalized letters, static letters, letters with personalization on the envelope, letters without personalization on the envelope, and several others. Your clients should be testing these formats, too.

You could also test different folds, different envelope colors, different sizes of postcards. All of these things have the potential to impact response. Again, it’s easy to focus on lists, personalization, and offer, but we shouldn’t overlook traditional elements, either.

Remind customers that running tests doesn’t necessarily mean increasing production and mailing costs. In traditional A/B tests, you are testing segments within the mailing, so their volume are still the same. But the nuggets they learn can make a huge difference in their response rates . . . and keep them mailing.


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