By | March 13, 2014

Dartmouth researcher Praveen Kopalle did a study to find out why some mobile Web and app users refuse to click on ads. His research identified seven reasons that certain smartphone and tablet users say no to online advertising: small screens; no time to look; difficulty returning to original content; trouble getting/staying online; frustration with mobile phone interruptions; lengthy load times;  and no appetite for ads, period.

Hmmm.. no such problem with print ads, right? After all, print ads are just sitting there. Nothing additional remains to be done: no clicking, no loading, no waiting, no eye strain, no service interruptions!

Somebody has noticed that print has its place.

Newsweek’s new owner, IBT Media, is planning to go back into print. This tiny digital publishing company thinks a portion (70,000) of its loyal online readers are ready for a print version.

After years of colossal failure, who would pay for Newsweek in print, skeptics wonder. IBT founder Etienne Uzac says, “You would pay only if you don’t want to read anything on a backlit screen … [print] is a luxury product.”

Hmmm …

Steven Cohn, editor in chief of Media Industry Newsletter, has another wild notion. “A print magazine is kind of a prop to give the web better exposure.”

Imagine that! PRINT! A luxury product … a prop for online products.

Hmmm …




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