“We are always fans of having the medium be part of the message”

By | March 26, 2014

“We are always fans of having the medium be part of the message.”

This is a quote from Rosser Clark, creative director for the award-winning marketing firm Fixation, whom I had the privilege to interview this morning.

Fixation had produced a really interesting “exploding page” product for Reno Tahoe USA, a firm promoting trade shows and events in the Reno Tahoe area. His comments about the medium being part of the message were very interesting to me in light of the discussions these days about the relevance of print.

What makes print relevant to an audience today? It’s matching the specific, tangible characteristics of print to the right marketing goals. It’s not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. It’s strategic pairing, and the Reno Tahoe campaign illustrated this concept extremely well.

An Exploding Page (produced by Structural Graphics / Red Paper Plane) uses scores and die cuts to allow the piece to fold down into a flat square. When opened, it “explodes” into a much larger size, opening like a 360-degree fan. So like Reno Tahoe, it, too, is “a lot more than you expect.”

Exploding Page“It is more memorable than a plain sheet of paper, and their tagline is ‘Reno Tahoe:  A lot more than you know,’” says Rosser. “Likewise, this piece is a lot more than you’d think. It’s small, but huge inside. It mirrors the message really nicely. The headline on the cover also says, ‘OPEN.’ That is the message: Open your mind to Reno Tahoe. It’s also a command: Open this piece. That works nicely. The headline pays off the inside. Reno offers you a lot more than you know, and this pieces does, too!”

It’s a great example of how print offers something that no other medium can. . . and it is this kind of creative thinking that will keep print fresh and relevant in today’s burgeoning use of digital media.

By the way, the piece, which is being used as a handout at conventions, was produced in a run of just 500 copies.

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3 thoughts on ““We are always fans of having the medium be part of the message”

  1. Marc Zazeela


    Stuff like this always gets my attention. Way more interesting than some boring email.

    When done creatively, direct mail gets results. Sure it may be more expensive, but are you looking to save a few pennies or make a few dollars? Direct mail is an investment, not an expense.


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