You Do It Your Way. We’ll Do It Ours.

By | March 27, 2014

Apparently, some smartphone and tablet users avoid online ads every chance they get. At least AdWeek thinks so.

What’s to be done?
The Big Dogs are beyond calculating what we do. Now they’re bent on figuring out how we feel—giving us what we long for, pandering to our emotions, and, of course, selling us stuff. If these masters of manipulation have anything to say about it, when they’re finished, we will like it. To wit:

Septimu, a Microsoft research project is focused on monitoring user head posture and  exercise patterns to create a personal health/lifestyle diary of users, while also sensing mood and affection via speech, activity, and heart rate data (the better to ad you with).

A new Apple patent for mobile ad delivery will gather physical, behavioral, and spatial-temporal data to gauge user mood. As reported, “Apple wants to leverage user mood and mood-associated characteristic data to provide a more accurate method of ad targeting.”

Alternatively ..
Or, maybe, we should just put a print ad in front of people.  How ‘bout that as a cure for the moody blues?


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