Did You Know Google Plus Can Do THIS?

By | April 10, 2014

Lynford Morton, owner and founder of PhotoTour DC and PhotoCoachPro, has mad marketing skills. In addition to promoting his service through email, enewsletters, and traditional PR, Lyn publicizes his activities through social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+.

For his webinar titled “Street Photography Ethics & Legalities,” Lyn recently discovered something he didn’t know about Google+ — how one click can shoot an email to key market segments—Google+ followers.

“Actually, the G+ email was a happy accident,” he says. “I was loading up the webinar message to share with all my circles, when I noticed a little box near the bottom of the screen asking if I also wanted to send my post as an email to my followers. I had not done that before, but I thought it was worth testing since this was an invitation to a free webinar about street photography—a topic many people in my circles are into.”

He adds, “Facebook is limiting the reach between a business page and its followers, while G+ is allowing us to reach beyond the platform and email into our followers’ inboxes. That’s a significant development for content marketers.”

You’ve got the list, now what do you say?
The pitch Lyn used to capture click-through featured short but provocative copy taken straight from the landing page (no additional writing needed) and, of course, linked to the webinar details. Once on the landing page, beautiful photos complement a compelling story. How he eventually got the photo he wanted, but decided not to use it, examines the real life circumstances that shape the ethics and legalities of street photography.

A+. Click.



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