Generate New Traffic with Old Content: It’s Easy!

By | April 24, 2014

Any printer who reaches out to current and prospective customers with useful information knows how important content marketing is to growing the business … and any advice about how to intelligently recycle the content investment is worth considering. After all, not every customer will see what you’ve posted the first time, so why not give the audience a second chance?

Every week, Square2Marketing adds a new video to its “Video Marketing Minute” series. On April 17, Chief Marketing Officer Eric Keiles detailed five ways to easily repurpose content and get more hits.

1. Pull a report that indicates your highest performing content. 

2. Pull a report that shows which of your web pages has the highest traffic. 

3. Repackage high-performing content by adding a fresh cover page.

4. Create a new call-to-action button.

5. Link the call-to-action button to your refreshed content and post the button on high performing web pages.



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