It’s All About Choice

By | April 14, 2014

As Barb Pellow highlights in this PressGo! webinar titled “Paper Perfect”, we sometimes forget the importance of paper in the marketing and communications sector. We can get hung up on multi-channel, integrated marketing, but at a foundational level we have to remember how paper plays a critical role amidst the digital mediums. Paper is the tangible, tactile carrier of the printed communications piece, which makes up one of the key channels within the multi-channel approach. Obviously the messaging found on the printed piece itself is the focus, but equally as vital in creating a successful communications piece is the product placed in front of that target audience or customer.

Canon Solutions America recognizes how important the relationship is between paper, ink, and print technology. This is reflected in their dedication to educate their customers on their choices and in their open-dialogue with paper mill partners. John Crumbaugh and Jeff Sarringar, both Marketing Executives at CSA, join moderator Barb Pellow in an overview on inkjet and cutsheet papers, applications, and the CSA Paper Program in this feature.

“Enabling the broadest choice of papers for our customers is an ongoing task for the Production Print Solutions Paper Program”, explains Crumbaugh. One way to accomplish this task is through testing at the CSA Media Lab in Boca Raton. Recently opened, the lab is fully equipped to test the runnability and color outcome of various paper, ink, and machine pairings. These reports are then delivered to paper mill partners and customers to enhance collaboration, innovate in R&D, and ensure an optimal end product. Want to have your paper tested? To get started, contact your CSA sales representative who will assist you in scheduling a test specific to your needs. Likewise, you can always refer to the Customer Expectation document provided with your machine, which lays out data on stocks and inks that have already been tested.

If you want more information on ink, and the differences between ‘dye’ and ‘pigment’ options, check out the full webinar here! You don’t want to miss the complete list of benefits and the overview of the applications available to drive your business.

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