Millennials prefer PRINT coupons . . . yes, really!

By | April 27, 2014

According to The Valassis Shopper Marketing Report, conjunction with market research firm Ipsos, traditional print formats (newspapers, inserts and direct mail) remain the preferred sources of grocery and drugstore coupons, especially among Millennials (ages 18-36).

Millennials? Yes, that generation that marketers appear to have written off as mobile and online-only. Incorrectly, it appears. In fact, according to the study, Millennials are the only generation to rank mail as their “preferred” source of coupons.

  •    Mail (61%, versus the 51% overall average of all generations
  •    Newspapers (52%, equal to the overall average)
  •    Internet: download (47%, versus the 30% average)
  •    Internet: print at home (42%, versus the 34% average)
  •    Smartphones (39%, versus the 20% average)

Of course, Millennials are reported to be heavy users of digital coupons, too. But the fact that print is reported to by their preferred source of coupons shows the continuing power of print.

But this study doesn’t have to be just about coupons. It can also be turned into an opportunity to help customers with tracking and database-building. Consider encouraging your clients to personalize coupons combined with printing serialized codes and tracking numbers. That information can be used to track who’s using what coupons and provide critical insight into shopper behavior they can use for more effective personalization later.

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