Another Idea That Can’t Be Duplicated by E-Media: Thanks, Nivea

By | June 8, 2014

This past week, Kevin Keane posted about a terrific AR app for one frozen fruit company’s packaging that not only provides the recipe but actually shows the consumer how to make it via video. It’s a great application that, as Keane notes, illustrates one of the aspects of print that cannot be duplicated by e-media.

Deborah Corn of The Print Media Centr has also posted about another campaign, this time a magazine advertisement, that reflects the same value. It’s a print ad from Nivea used in Brazil. (View video here.) The ad contains a bracelet that, when registered via mobile app, can be put on children to alert parents when those children wander out of the designated area.

Nivea AdIn the campaign, parents tear the bracelet out of the ad, download the app (if they don’t have it already), and register the bracelet. Once the bracelet is registered, they set the desired distance the child is allowed to travel. If the child wanders beyond the set distance, an alarm goes off. The bracelets are made from humidity-resistant paper and can be used more than once.

While this is a high-dollar campaign, it continues to illustrate the value of print over electronic media and should get PSPs of all sizes, and with all types of clienteles, brainstorming.

The key is creativity. Augmented reality, unique mobile apps, QR Codes, image recognition technology, and other technologies are ways to take advantage of the unique properties of print and can be applied in a variety of ways that are affordable even to smaller companies.

How could you take these two ideas and apply them in your markets?

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One thought on “Another Idea That Can’t Be Duplicated by E-Media: Thanks, Nivea

  1. Beth Ann Kilberg-Walsh

    Thanks for sharing, Heidi!

    This is a fantastic example of print’s value – or as we say at Xerox, how “print wins.” While Nivea could have easily opted for a solely digital campaign, the fact that the company chose to incorporate a printed element demonstrates how print is still an effective complement to today’s digital media. I think this is a good reminder for PSPs, as well, to continue thinking outside the box and considering the ways print can provide additional value to customers, versus digital alone.

    I’d be interested to hear the ways PSPs will apply this idea to their own campaigns, too!

    – Beth Ann Kilberg-Walsh, Vice President, Marketing Communications & Customer Engagement, Xerox

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