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By | June 17, 2014

If you haven’t been to the Print Is Big website, it’s worth checking out. There are some great stats there to wow your clients and reinforce the value of continuing to use print. For example, in a world in which marketers are constantly being told that “print is dead,” here are some stats regarding industry size that may surprise many people.

  • Music: $67 billion
  • Video game industry: $33 billion
  • Online advertising industry: $147 billion
  • Print: $640 billion — and drives $3.8 trillion in related services

There is also a page on the greenness of print. For example, do your clients know that there are more forests in the United States today than there were 50 years ago? Or that 70% of supposedly “junk” mail is printed on recycled paper? Or that the co-founder of GreenPeace says that in order to protect the environment, we should use more paper, not less?

Print may be “right sizing” for today’s fractured multichannel marketing world, but it isn’t dying or being replaced by the “greener” world of e-media. Marketers need to be reminded of that.

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7 thoughts on “Great Resource for Promoting Print

  1. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    I have already used these data in multiple other places. Postcards, e-newsletters, social media. They’re really great. Let’s use them!

  2. Marc Zazeela


    Great stats. Digital advocates point to the harm to the environment, when there are plenty of data to point out that digital is far more harmful.

    Where does old computer junk end up? How much energy is used to power Google or Amazon or eBay? What is used to produce that energy?

    So many misconceptions.


  3. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    If it doesn’t get disposed of properly, it ends up in landfills, where it contaminates the soil. What doesn’t end up in landfills often ends up in Third World countries, where people without proper safety equipment dismantle it. I wouldn’t be so concerned about e-waste if it were easier to dispose of electronic equipment, but municipalities don’t make it easy or accessible. Just like those curly lightbulbs with the mercury in them. Compare that to paper — two-thirds of paper is recycled and 70% of all “junk” mail is printed on recycled paper. Yes, lots of misconceptions.

    I have a whole report on greening print marketing if anyone is interested. There is a brandable white paper version, too, for using as a client and prospect education piece.

  4. Gina Testa

    This is a great resource, Heidi! The “Print is Big” website highlights some great statistics around the value of print, even with the influx of digital communication. Despite the media’s misconception that “print is dead,” print is very much alive and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. – Gina Testa, Xerox US graphic Communications Operations, @GinaTesta

  5. Lisa Q

    We have used this website as a source for our blogs and emails also. We printers need to keep spreading the positive message. It’s wonderful to have some positive stats for print to share with our customers. Print is not dead! It’s alive and well, and we just need to see it as one very important form of media.


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