Spelling DOES Matter! University of Texas Misspells Its Own Name on Player Bios

By | July 26, 2014

I have recently been reminded of the printer I ran across who has a full-time proofreader on staff who reads every document it prints. As a political mailing specialist, you can imagine how much egg it has kept off its clients’ faces over the years.

I’m not saying that everyone should hire a proofreader, but once again, we are reminded that proofreading is a valuable service.

The University of Texas learned this painful lesson two days ago when it misspelled its own name on its printed player biographies. Instead of TexasSports.com, it printed TexsaSports.com.

TexsaSportsThe university’s arch rival, the University of Oklahoma, wasted no time capitalizing on the error, purchasing the domain name for the misspelled name and having a little fun.

Should the folks in the print room have caught the error? Not necessarily, but it would have saved the University of Texas a lot of embarrassment if they had. It’s all over the social media now, and you can imagine how much fun the sportscasters are having.

Thanks, MSN.com sports page!

TexsaSports 4


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