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By | August 15, 2014

Here’s another great use of print to do something digital technologies cannot do.

The product is called SwivelCard (view TechCrunch video), and while it’s not available commercially yet, it’s been  promoted by TechCrunch and is currently using crowdsourcing to improve back-end software to be more user-friendly.

SwivelCardThe card uses a combination of patented, digitally printed metallic ink onto a business card to create a paper-based USB. Add some strategic scoring and key portions of the business card can be folded to insert into a USB port and used as a USB card.

Each card can be individually programmed so each user is taken to a different webpage. Or they can be programmed all the same. Either way, the user will  be taken to a webpage of the marketer’s choosing, and like the back end of the QR Code experience, that page can be changed at any time, even after the card has been given out.

Detailed analytics on usage can be accessed so marketers know who is using their cards and where. While I haven’t used one of these cards, it appears to be something like Google Analytics.

This is another neat use of print that cannot be duplicated by electronic media. Business is often personal. You meet for lunch. You shake a hand. You attend a demonstration. There is something powerful about the personal connection of a business card that cannot be duplicated with, “I’ll send you a text this afternoon.” These cards provide the personal connection with the online / mobile interface and usage analytics.

I just love the continued innovation in the uses of print. Keep ’em coming!

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One thought on “More Cool Stuff to Do with Print

  1. Gina Testa

    This is a great example of a unique use of print! Even with the influx of digital communication, it’s great to hear validation around the value of print. The paper-based USB is a great way to combine traditional media with a digital component. In my opinion, some of the best printed pieces are those that feature digital components like a QR code directing the audience to a website or an app with additional content or even interactive videos. I agree – business is personal and the business card creates an experience like no other. It’s a great way to spark conversation and build an instant connection. Printed pieces like these make me excited to meet new people and offer them my contact information on my own personalized card. – Gina Testa, Xerox US Graphic Communications Operations, @GinaTesta

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