Looking for Fun “Love Print” videos to share with clients?

By | September 9, 2014

I love it when I run across fun examples, videos, and promotional items that show the unique value of print. Here’s another one that has been circulating lately, and it’s a particularly great one.

[Heidi’s note: Somehow, I got the wrong link below, so if you had trouble viewing this campaign earlier today, try again. The problem has been fixed.]

IKEA has come out with what it a marketing channel that is simple and intuitive and comes with lots of great benefits. This channel comes  pre-installed with thousands of furnishing ideas, requires no cables, and has infinite battery life. Better yet, it has a huge interface — larger than your tablet — at a whopping 7.5″ x 8″. Plus, it can expand to 15″. Images are crystal clear, and there is no lag. Pages load instantly!

Check it out — and perhaps share the fun with your customers and prospects on your website, Facebook page, or next email touch.

Use it on a print piece, too. Create QR Code that points to the video and kill two birds with one stone. Let your customers and prospects experience the value of print-to-mobile integration and reinforce the value of print at the same time. Oh, yes . . . and get it laugh while they’re at it.

(Click here.)


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