Best Self-Promotion Ever

By | October 21, 2014

I have spent a lot of time recently poring over a printer’s self-promotion campaign. It’s a calendar, but not like any calendar you might have seen. Called “Twenty13: Details Matter” from McArdle Solutions, it has multiple layers of meaning and purpose.

The first layer of purpose is showing off what it’s digital presses can do. Each month shows a different combination of printing technique and substrate, and some of the effects are truly stunning.

But before you think McArdle is using this piece to get clients running to open their checkbooks, it is sometimes doing the opposite. It uses the imagery to open realistic discussions about cost. These techniques take time, multiple revolutions of the cylinder (up to 45 revolutions in some cases), and open the process to variance. Clients need to understand the true impact of these effects on cost, turnaround, and the final result.

After these discussions, sometimes clients will go ahead with these techniques. Other times, they do not. But whether they go forward or go another direction, their trust in McArdle is deepened.

As McArdle is opening these discussions, with their tenous balance, the calendar has another element of brilliance. True facts from history, such as Puxatawny Phil going social after 133 years or a whale being blown sky high because the engineers used 20 cases of dynamite instead of 20 sticks, are paired with the corresponding images to illustrate the value of a supplier to attends to the smallest detail.

True excellence is found in the details, and whether it’s in selecting the right ink and substrate combination to create a special effect or having the guts to discuss details of cost even if it means losing an upsell, it’s what makes a great supplier great.

This was a tremendous campaign, and it has sold a lot of clients on McArdle’s excellence. It’s a wonderful model that many others in this industry would do well to emulate.

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One thought on “Best Self-Promotion Ever

  1. Joe Manos

    Great post on one of our successful marketing services customers.

    They regularly conduct self-promotion programs on a number of different opportunities for their customers to learn first, followed by a meeting on how they can leverage the strategy in their own business.

    During a normal calendar year, McArdle may run 6-7 self-promotion programs highlighting various relevant solutions to meet their customer needs.

    Regular self-promotion of print services and marketing services is essential for EVERY Printer that would like to remain a relevant solution provider for their customers.

    While we would all like to think that all of our customers remember all of our capabilities – they don’t!

    The only way to stay top of mind is through regular self-promotion programs to your customer base. We wrote the book on this approach and if any PSP or MSP is looking for help to do the same thing they should reach out to me to discuss how they can use the same approach as McArdle for their customers and prospects.

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