Find Your Champion

By | October 27, 2014

You know, it really only takes one. Look through the different departments within your business; it may be a customer service rep or a lead operator in the plant. It could be that seasoned sales rep that has found a new gear and is full of optimism, ideas and client success. If you still haven’t located one, keep looking because this is important.

Finding these folks is tough because we’re not usually looking for them, right? We are usually too focused on the exception – the bad egg. This focus dulls our senses and the shining apples in our businesses get overlooked. Time to change lenses!

After spending all week traveling to three different companies, I met some great examples of company champions. Two senior sales reps among a group of eight at a commercial offset, digital, large format and label shop who are so motivated to continue to build their business (and they are doing it) that it’s contagious to the other reps. They are leading by example and it was refreshing to hear them speak about their clients, prospects and newly targeted markets. At another company, two recently minted managers at a digital and direct mail shop spoke about growth, capacity (in a good way), creating solid employee teams and harnessing technology to enhance the client experience and production efficiencies. Cool stuff.

The moral of the story is that there are opportunities out in the marketplace and within the four walls of your facility. You’ve got to work hard at identifying and nurturing both. It can be a challenge but seek out and find someone doing something great. Who knows, you might get good at it. It’ll make a huge impact on that employee and the word will get out to everyone else that doing cool things in your company is a good thing!

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