The Performance Challenge: How Would You Score?

By | October 24, 2014

As digital production equipment begins to equalize to a certain extent, I am increasingly seeing vendors differentiating based on tools and business development support to help them get the most out of their investments. One of the most recent tools I’ve seen as part of this trend is The Performance Challenge from Canon Solutions America.

The challenge is designed for inplants looking to benchmark their operations or provide objective validation for capital investments. It was developed after the success of Canon’s Productivity Challenge for the enterprise community. Both are backed by InfoTrends research.

The Performance Challenge is available online, is free, and can be taken in a basic, 20-question version or a more detailed 50-question version called The Ultimate Challenge. The tool sends participants a report with benchmarking scores based on their answers. It also kicks back little snippets of industry information dynamically generated based on respondents’ answers. In other words, this is what the best practice is, why you should pay attention, and how to use this information to engage in strategic planning for your operation.

Once the challenge is taken, participants can access InfoTrends white papers that give user more detailed dive into the respective categories.

There are five areas of performance benchmarked:

  • management strategy
  • products and services
  • management awareness
  • workflow automation
  • benchmarking competition

Uses for the tool range from increasing the inplant’s the level of confidence before making a major strategic change or investment, to providing objective, third-party backing when they are going to corporate for funding, to helping to place them in a position of strength against FM intrusion.

If you’re an inplant, it’s worth checking out. It’s free, so why not?



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