Could You Have Saved This QR Code Fail?

By | November 14, 2014

If a marketing project using QR Codes fails, it’s not the fault of the QR Code. Just like the failed QR Code I scanned yesterday. By scanning this code yourself — just as a doublecheck — before the job printed, could you have saved this opportunity?

Interstate QR Code2It was on a marketing piece that came home with our daughter’s school pictures. It said, “Check Out Your Picture!” with the picture of our daughter and a QR Code to scan. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I scanned it.

In their defense, the QR Code was personalized to my daughter, so I was taken right to an order form for her pictures. But it was a non-mobile page that looked like the order form I’d used to order the school pictures in the first place.

Why would I scan a QR Code from my daughter’s school picture packet to be taken to a page to order school pictures?

Upon further examination, the marketing piece was aimed at encouraging friends and family to order their own school pictures, but this wasn’t abundantly clear from the marketing piece. It was also designed to cross-sell me, the parent, on other gifts with my daughter’s picture on it, but since the landing page looked like a school packet order form, I wouldn’t have known that.

What should have happened?

1. I should have been sent to a mobile page. Instead, when I first got to the page, I was greeted with the text,

Today yo

Would you like to

because, of course, the page wasn’t designed for a mobile phone.

2. The landing page should have offered me a choice — re-order prints or purchase related gifts.

This would have made it abundantly clear what the value was to me, the child’s mother, who had already ordered school pictures.

This company went a little extra distance by personalizing the QR Codes in the first place. If you’re going to do that, then take the extra step of sending parents to a mobile-optimized page making the value clear to them.

If this use of QR Codes fails, it’s not the fault of the QR Code.

So here’s the question. If you had been printing these marketing pieces, would you have scanned the QR Code off the proof — just to see what happens on the back end? Could you have saved this fail, saved the day, and been a hero in your customer’s eyes by taking the simple extra step?

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