5 Reasons to Incorporate QR Codes

By | December 5, 2014

Looking for reasons to encourage your clients to add QR Codes to their print materials? Here are five you can start with. Can you think of more?

1. It’s a smartphone world.

It used to be that you couldn’t assume that consumers had smartphones, so reach for QR Codes was considered to be limited. However, as of March 2014, comScore reported that smartphones are 69% of the U.S. mobile phone population.

2. Mobile is an addiction.

We don’t just own cellphones. We are addicted to them. According to Edison Research, 94% of consumers admit that their cellphone is always within arm’s reach. [1] In a separate survey, 75% admit to using their mobile phones while in the bathroom. [2]

QR Codes connect print to mobile. Enough said.

3. QR Codes reach 30-40% of consumers.

Regardless of which data you view, QR Code scanning is holding steady at one-third of U.S. consumers. That’s a lot of people. Vibe reports that 31% of smartphone owners in the U.S. have scanned a QR Code to get special in-store deals (October 2014). More than one-quarter (27%) have scanned QR Codes in the store itself (September 2014). Just the other day, I read InfoTrends research that showed the percent of mobile phone owners having scanned QR Codes recently as 43%.

4. QR Codes prompt purchases.

Of those Vibe respondents scanning QR Codes in-store, 40% said they made a spontaneous purchase based on the information they received. Another 42% reported that the information helped them feel better about a purchase they were going to make. ExactTarget reports similar numbers. It finds that 43% of smartphone owners have scanned a coupon or QR Code in the past six months. Of those who did, 90% found them to be useful. [3]

5. QR Codes = coupons.

More than one-third (34%) of the ExactTarget respondnets report scanning a coupon or QR Code with a mobile device while shopping in a store. The primary reasons? To get coupons or deals (69%), obtain more information (48%), and to see if there is a better buy elsewhere (44%).

QR Codes aren’t new anymore. They may not be exciting. But they are useful tools that should be in every marketer’s toolbox. If they aren’t, then maybe this is an opportunity that you are missing.

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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Incorporate QR Codes

  1. Tim J Smith - CEO, Linkz Interactive Marketing

    Quite agree. We’re seeing a keen and widespread interest here in UK / Europe as Smartphones are now an integral part of our lives. Given new technologies we can make the whole experience informative / exciting with Image recognition & invisible encoding you don’t even need a QR code now. Trackable & measurable Customer engagement – video, help , advice, coupons, loyalty etc. a direct relationship for FMCG.

  2. David Wicker

    To go one step further, we have created a code that is resistant to copying and scanning, thus enabling a “safe” code that would not contain malware. This code
    is currently used on printed documents to be authenticated via smartphone or as a virtual graphic on a brand owners website to allow the consumer to authenticate.

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