New Marketing Hires Have These Skills — Do You?

By | January 16, 2015

When marketers — your customers — are looking to make new hires, they are hiring people with specific skill sets. Those skill sets translate into the types of marketing campaigns these new marketing hires will be creating and the skills and expertise they expect from their print suppliers. Does what you offer match what they need?

According to Econsultancy’s “Skills of the Modern Marketer” report, tops on marketers’ “very important” lists are a lot of soft skills and behaviors such as adaptability, articulation and persuasion, hunger to learn, collaboration, creativity, data-driven decision making, empathy, curiosity and passion. But the hard skills are the ones they will expect from you.

Tops on the list?

  • Data
  • Multichannel
  • Mobile marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Social media

When it comes to choosing a print suppliers (or switching suppliers), marketers are looking for companies that can integrate all of their channels into a single campaign. This isn’t about being a “one stop shop.” It’s about channel integration, strategy, and planning.

It’s impossible to integrate print and mobile, for example, if they are being handled by two different suppliers. If their current print provider doesn’t offer mobile, a client may not move all of their print marketing to another supplier, but for projects that require integration between print and mobile (or other combination of channels you may or may not offer), they will.

With this combination of skills becoming increasingly important to marketers, that’s going to be a growing percentage of the marketing budget. It’s simple math based on who is getting hired.

If you haven’t branched out past adding email marketing, it’s time to do so.

Essential Skills For Marketers (partial list) (% of Respondents)
Broad Skills Very Important Vertical Skills Very Important
Customer experience


Mobile marketing




Content marketing




Web analytics/data




Social Media activity


Source: Econsultancy, May 2014

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