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  1. Fadel F Iskander

    I don’t know about you. However, if I was near the trash can when one of those hard to open “Standard Mail” pieces come in, that is exactly where it goes. I don’t think I would bother to open it. For me, nothing on (or in) that envelope will buy any time.

    I am eager to know 1 or 2 show-stopper items that will buy you time Heidi.

  2. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    Hi, Fadel.

    I’m not the direct mail expert, so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of show stoppers myself. Like you, when I see something like this come in, it gets pitched immediately because I recognize it for what it is. But like anything else, it’s effective for the target audience . . . and it’s not me! Gary Hennerberg has been doing this a long time, and the response rates his campaigns get are very high. Clearly, what he’s doing is working for the vertical markets and the target audiences his clients are going after.

  3. Howard Forton

    In 2015 its getting more about relevance than personalisation.
    So, IF it was relevant to me, (which it isn’t) i.e. if I fitted the right demographic and had a propensity to be enticed by the promise of something mysteriously wonderful, I’d be impressed by:
    The double personalisation
    “open here” instruction,
    Sent by priority mail
    Has a sender zip code
    Contents visible, I can see I am eligible but its vague – very enticing..
    And its ONLY for me


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