Old Habits – New Habits

By | March 16, 2015

We sometimes get a bit queasy when asked to take on a new task or solve a problem that might require a new tool set. After all, we tend to know what we know and as humans, will usually defer to the tried and true methods of solving problems. Whether you are in sales, managing a sales team or own a business, the new “breed” of problems (sorry, I mean opportunities) are not easily conquered with outdated skills.

Not outdated you say, maybe not. Maybe they are current but just not the right fit for the opportunity at hand. Ask yourself if the way you sell is aligned with the way your prospects want to buy. Is your sales process sound but just not applicable to the audience you are selling to? At the end of that first meeting are you setting up the follow up meeting that takes you through your sales process and the prospects buying process or are you getting a “we’ll keep you in mind” send off.

Here’s why I ask. It’s way too hard to get new business these days; it’s even harder if you’re going about it poorly. The information is out there to help you evaluate and modify your approach – you have to take advantage of it. Talk with a peer, have your boss go on calls with you, look at yourself in the mirror and answer the question directly…do something! Don’t waste your time, your company’s money and your prospects sanity by holding on to ineffective habits. Challenge yourself; be the best at what you do and increase your effectiveness in helping people buy from you.


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