Tips for Creating a Content Calendar

By | April 29, 2015

Fresh, well-written, and relevant content is an integral part of a successful marketing plan of any modern business. Effectively managing content is also essential, however. Content management strategies include releasing the right content at the right time, using content designed to speak to a specific audience, and making certain that you’ve got a healthy supply of appropriate content waiting to be published. A good content calendar can do all that and more, but the first step is creating one that’s tailored to your individual business needs and the buying habits of your customers.

Identify Your Customer Base

Chances are that your customer base will be comprised of more than one demographic, but those differing demographics will contain significant overlapping properties. For instance, if you operate a print business, you’ll have customers of all ages, and although they’ll share a common interest in needing printed collateral, they may have different purchasing objectives. Identify the core groups and let them be the deciding factor in developing your main content themes.

Take Stock of Your Existing Content

Keeping in mind the tried-and-true rule that 80 percent of your content should be informational while the remaining 20 percent is promotional. Organize your content according to specific customer target groups. The needs of an organization in the education industry may be more visually based to grab attention, while a pharmaceutical business may need a printed brochure full of specific details. Organize your content according to which customer category represents your biggest sales and move down until your smallest target group is at the bottom.

Organize and Schedule Your Content by Creating a Simple Spreadsheet

Either Excel or Smartsheet are easy-to-use spreadsheet options that will allow you keep your content at your fingertips. Create a weekly or monthly calendar with the spreadsheet using the customer categories created above.

How does your organization keep track of all of its content marketing efforts? If you have any tips or suggestions, or need any additional help with content, please leave a comment below or contact me at!

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