3 Metrics to Improve Your Cross Media Campaigns

By | May 27, 2015

When increasing the success of your organization’s marketing efforts, cross media marketing has proven to be a useful tool.

Everyone is looking to increase the ROI that they receive from the things they create and distribute – including emails, landing pages, mobile campaigns, mailers, flyers, and more. By integrating those pieces with other offers and medias, you certainly may increase the impact that the piece has on its target audience.

Well, once you’ve executed a campaign that has utilized a cross-media approach, you cannot simply stop. Rather, by spending time analyzing the results, you will be better equipped to develop and execute a campaign that will perform better than your previous ones.

Here are three metrics that may prove beneficial during the analysis process:

1. Response Timing

When did your target audience access or respond to your campaigns? Thanks to the increasing popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets, people truly can respond to your marketing efforts at whatever time is convenient for them. They can type in their pURL at 6am while eating breakfast, and they scan their personalized QR code before falling asleep at night. They may even choose to read your eNewsletter on the weekend.

Marketers may reap benefits by researching and understanding when their customers and prospects are consuming information. Are we pushing out content when it’s convenient for us, or when it’s convenient for our customers?

Sure, we can’t be awake and available at every hour throughout the day. But, if a big percentage of our prospects are looking for help and more information while we are not working, we may need to find a way to better serve them.

2. Conversions

Who viewed the landing page but did not submit the form with their information? Yes, sales reps want hot leads! They want people that responded to your campaign, that filled out the form, and that requested help ASAP. While that group of people should certainly be given the attention that they deserve, we may reap benefits by looking at another group of folks too.

Take the time to look at who visited your landing page, but did not submit their entry on the response form.

Those people have already displayed some kind of interest in your offer – either they typed in a URL, clicked a link, scanned a QR code, or took some other sort of action.

If you can find a way to target those people in a special fashion the next time, you may be able to push them further through the funnel.

3. Popular Content

Companies that execute cross-media campaigns with personalized URLs may fall into the path of simply personalizing the most basic of information – first name and perhaps company.

But, with technology today, it’s easier than ever to learn and understand what someone is interested in. By tracking what links people clicked on in your emails and landing pages, as well as what answers they provided on your response forms, you may be able to truly deliver one-to-one marketing materials that appeal directly to them.

These three metrics are all crucial to understanding and evaluating the success of your cross media marketing campaigns so you can improve upon them moving forward. Make sure that you have an integrated and complete marketing software that allows your organization to track campaigns easily from beginning to end. Do you have any other tips to help improve cross media campaigns? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “3 Metrics to Improve Your Cross Media Campaigns

  1. Melissa Sienicki

    Wonderful tips, John – thank you so much! I’ve found it very helpful to use response form answers to group prospects and send information more pertinent to their interests.

  2. Jordan

    Very informative post here. It’s definitely important to use media effectively, or else it really is a waste of time to use. Thanks for sharing these useful tips!

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