Add Value to QR Coded Projects: Just Scan ‘Em!

By | May 14, 2015

Do you know that one of the most common ways a QR Code fails (if not the most common) is something you can prevent in 1-2 seconds? If your clients will be adding QR Codes to their direct mail, packaging, or other projects, just scan the code before it goes to press. Make sure that the code actually resolves to the page the client intends it to.

One of the most common errors with QR Code projects is that the code is created, added to the project, and then the URL is misdirected or changed sometime later and the QR Code never gets updated. Consequently, when people scan the code, they get an error message. Bad marketing!

This morning, I was all set to write a post about a great use of a QR Code included on the box of a home waxing kit. The code was right on the side of the box and encouraged shoppers to watch videos on how to use the product. This has great potential. Not everyone has used kits like this. They might be nervous about the process or how it might feel. Enabling them to watch videos before purchasing is a great way to ease concerns and get the product inside the cart.

But when I scanned the code, this is what I got.

Sally Hansen Fail Page










Oops. Whether the code was wrong to begin with or whether the URL got changed later there is no way to know. But if it got changed later, the marketer could have used a redirect.

You can’t do anything about changes to the URL that occur later, but if this is the project’s first time out, you can certain help your clients avoid major fails by simply scanning the code in the concept or proofing stages. That’s the kind of extra “above and beyond” that makes an MSP valuable.

So scan away — and save the day.

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