Another Successful Direct Mail Campaign . . . and Why It’s Successful

By | May 30, 2015

If you ask what one of the stand-out trends in direct mail is, I wouldn’t say targeting, personalization, or segmentation (although they are increasingly commonplace, if not the default standard). The trend that is really stands out for me is over-sized mailings and dimensional mail.

Direct mail is getting more sophisticated—at all levels—and as marketers and their MSPs more from spray and pray to strategic efforts, those mailings are becoming more effective. As their mailings become more effective, marketers seem to be willing to invest more heavily in them.

XpressEvenlopesYes, oversized mailings help marketers stand out and get attention in a world seemingly dominated by electronic media, but if those mailings weren’t effective, they wouldn’t do it. You don’t invest more heavily in a dying channel. You invest more heavily in one that is dynamic and effective.

That’s why I love case studies like this one. It’s posted on U.S. Data Corporation’s website, and it’s for It walks through what, from a design standpoint, makes this creative effort so successful. Even if this weren’t an oversized mailing, these design elements would make this a successful mailing.

  • Oversized envelope that makes it look like an official piece of mail
  • Use of colors — and the right colors (bold, but warm and inviting)
  • Large, high-contrast fonts
  • Effective use of urgency and mention of “time-sensitive” material to motivate to action (primarily on the back of the envelope — click here to see the whole piece)

Are you encouraging your clients to use oversized mailings? What have been the results?

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