4 Trends in Print + Email Marketing

By | July 27, 2015

As we continue to focus on multichannel marketing, one of the most critical trends we need to focus on is the shifts in print + email. Here are 4 trends taken from “State of Multichannel Marketing in the Printing Industry” that MSPs need to be aware of.

1. Optimization of email for mobile

Mobile optimization is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. According to data from the “U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013” from Movable Ink, a full 65% of email is now being accessed via mobile devices in the U.S. Of this 65%, mobile phones take the lion’s share of the volume. In another study (BlueHornet.com), 80% of people were found to delete emails if they did not look good on their mobile device.

Most consumers are not yet making purchases directly from their smartphones, although an increasing number do. Many click through their mobile emails, but then follow up on a tablet or desktop/laptop device. Mobile purchases are still in their infancy, but growing.

2. Matching email to the appropriate stage of the customer lifecycle

“Have they converted and become customers? Are they active, repeat customers? Are they loyal customers and brand evangelists? Have they stopped interacting with the brand? Each stage requires a different approach and content.” (Adobe Campaign: Next Frontier Email Guide 2014)

3. Use for triggered marketing

We see this more and more — email as a trigger based on some other customer behavior. Whether it is a customer joining a loyalty program, downloading a white paper, or receiving a direct mailer, triggered messages can be extremely powerful. In its “Next Frontier Email Guide,” Adobe notes that Northern Europe fashion retailer Lindex used triggered messaging to increase open rates from 18% to 35%.

Triggering can also be used to drive offline communications, including direct mail. For example, store purchases may trigger customer surveys that are used to gather data and score customers according to affinity and loyalty to the brand. These scores are then used to group customers for more precise online and offline targeting. Data from email preference centers, where customers can choose not just email frequency but also subjects of interest, can be mined for future targeting offline, as well.

4. Email for online marketing

Most of what we hear about email marketing relates to email-specific campaigns or online initiatives such as follow-ups to shopping cart abandonment. These are critical “multichannel” campaigns, but they are really digital campaigns. Despite the fact that they include multiple channels, these channels less commonly include print.

Of course, there are many other trends in email marketing, including true responsive design and real-time inboxes (where content updates while the email is sitting in the customer’s inbox — real-time maps, for example, or availability updates for concert tickets), but this level of sophistication is well beyond what we are seeing in the printing industry.

What other critical trends do you see?

(For more information on “State of Multichannel Marketing in the Printing Industry, click here.)

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2 thoughts on “4 Trends in Print + Email Marketing

  1. Melissa Sienicki

    Thank you for sharing such insightful information, Heidi! I especially agree with trend #1. Not only does your e-mail need to be responsive – ie viewable on mobile phones, tablets, etc. – but your website needs to be as well. If people click through said e-mail back to your website and are unable to view it properly, then people will end up falling through the cracks.

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