Trekk on Augmented Reality: Show, Don’t Tell

By | August 31, 2015

We hear a lot about augmented reality (AR) as the future, but who’s really using it? SciQuest, Jaguar, Chamberlain College, Nekoosa, ABCO, Blade Buddy, and Old Elk Distillery just to name a few — and they are using Trekk to do it.

Trekk ARJust today, I received Trekk’s AR promotional piece, a 60-page, spiral bound booklet filled with examples of live or proof of concept AR projects Trekk has created for its clients. The examples span the range of applications:

  • advertising and print
  • corporate communications
  • direct mail and catalogs
  • event marketing
  • packaging and point of sale
  • sales collateral

By scanning the page with an AR app like Junaio, users can visualize furniture in their homes, play a game of hoops, and watch nurses in scrubs pop out of the page and talk about nursing programs. It demonstrates just how much stock Trekk has placed in augmented reality and the broader category of mobile marketing as the future of marketing communications.

Why is Trekk so bullish on augmented reality? Not just because of the immersive experience, but because AR eliminates the interim step of the web. Viewers are taken immediately to content without having the Internet in-between.

Earlier this year, Target Marketing surveyed marketers to find out who’s using AR and the extent to which they are expanding their budgets for it. The magazine found that 18% of marketers surveyed are currently using AR in some fashion, and 5% are increasing their budgets for it. (Compare this to 41% of marketers using QR Codes and 14% increasing their budgets for them.)

These are not numbers that would bowl anyone over, but it’s still early yet.  Trekk is so confident that this is the future of marketing, in fat, that two years ago, it acquired dedicated space, added a full working video and photography studio, and hired additional staff for its AR and virtual reality (VR) sides of the business.

Regardless your attitude toward augmented reality, this is a beautifully produced book that shows the company’s commitment to this approach. It also demonstrates the power of “show, don’t tell.”

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