The Importance of A/B Testing Email

By | September 23, 2015

Relevancy GroupI just read an interesting statistic. According to an email study from The Relevancy Group, only 30% of marketers conduct A/B testing for their email marketing. Considering that more than 20% of marketers attribute 25% or more of their annual revenues to email, you’d think they’d be more scientific about it, but apparently not.

By encouraging your clients to A/B test not only their print pieces but their emails as well, you can create campaigns that really stand out in their effectiveness. In fact, here is some eye-opening data from Unbounce on the results that can be obtained by A/B testing digital campaigns:

  • By A/B testing its pricing, SafeSoft increased conversions by 100%.
  • By A/B testing the length its trial offer, HubSpot increased conversions by 110%.
  • By A/B testing the placement of its CTA, Inbound Strategy increased conversions by 217%.
  • By A/B testing the style of its graphic imagery, EA Sports saw a significant lift in “performance.”

These aren’t small gains. One-hundred percent, 110%, 217% — those are some incredible numbers.

Some other numbers I’ve seen recently that kind of blew my mind were related to subject lines in emails and what words were most effective and which weren’t. Sidekick, for example, has found that emails with “you” in the subject line are opened 5% less than those without. Emails with “free” in the subject line are opened 10% more than those without. Emails with “quick” in the subject line are opened 17% less than those without.

These are stats that not necessarily intuitive, but that’s where A/B testing comes in. By A/B testing, you can find out what actually works best for your clients, and you. Just as with print, depending on the product and service being sold, even a small lift in open and conversion rates can result in huge revenue gains overall.

A/B testing digital campaigns might be a little new and untried for many clients, but the payoff can be huge. With numbers like these, isn’t it worth getting out their comfort zone (and yours)?

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