Why Are You Still Waiting on Personalized Content?

By | September 29, 2015

Are you still personalizing primarily by name and address? If that’s all you are doing, what is preventing you from digging deeper? I suppose “Customers won’t pay for it” might be the answer, and if so, what are you doing to make them want to?

We’ve all seen the data, and it just keeps coming. According to a just-released Direct Marketing News infographic based on data from AutoPilot, for example:

  • 75% of consumers are more likely to respond to an offer if it’s personalized vs. 17% who are more likely to respond if it’s generic.
  • 72% of consumers are frustrated when they receive offers that don’t relate to their interests or past purchases.

AutoPilot InfographicIncreasingly, the data we are seeing comes from sources of digital marketing (including the AutoPilot data), whether email or online. The focus on digital personalization is intense right now, which means that print marketing needs to keep up.

If your competitor down the street reinvented its production and workflow, adding boatloads of new services and doubling its production capacity, you wouldn’t just sit back with a piece of hay in your teeth and say, “Oh, look at that.” You’d do something about it. We’re talking about the same thing here. If you say, “My customers don’t care about personalizing print,” don’t just write it off as irrelevant to you or a mountain that is too high to climb. Make them care!

The good news is, the same demographics and purchase patterns that are used for email can be used for print. The data just need to be matched up with names and physical addresses rather than email addresses. If your clients are investing in personalized email, then they have the data for personalized print, too.


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