32% of Retailers Acquire Mobile Numbers Via Print

By | October 29, 2015

As the world goes mobile, this seems to threaten the security of print. Yet the need to obtain mobile numbers is one of the drivers for print. According to Experian Marketing Services, 32% of retailers use print campaigns to gather mobile numbers. This follows web forms, email, and mobile direct.

Acquiring Mobile Numbers

Mobile marketing isn’t going to replace print marketing. They serve two entirely different roles, but it can support the print market as customers strive to build their mobile databases.

The survey has other good news for printers, as well. More than half (51%) of retailers are more likely to gather mobile numbers via in-store signage in 2014 than they were the year before. If you’ve got a retail customer . . . how many stores do they have?

So don’t be afraid of mobile. Embrace it!

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