Kudos! Self-Promo that Motivates to Action

By | November 6, 2015

Yesterday, I opened a birthday card sent to me by Innovative Business Products. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The card was bright and colorful, and my name was drawn in icing on top of the cake. Thank you, IBP, for not personalizing the number of candles on the cake!

Inside was a standard business card, but also an invitation.

We hope you enjoyed your personalized birthday card. Just for fun, take a quick selfie with your card and post it to Facebook.com/ThinkIBP for a chance to win a special prize. One winner per month.

What a simple but great idea.

  • People love to take selfies.
  • People love to look at other people’s selfies.
  • By tapping into our narcissistic instinct, it gets people to IBP’s Facebook page.
  • By visiting IBP’s Facebook page, this increases people’s engagement with the company.
  • I get the opportunity to win a prize. I don’t know what it is, but it’s free.

IMG_5416Printers’ Facebook pages aren’t known for being stellar examples of engagement, but people will post selfies just to post selfies. This gets people to IBP’s Facebook page. While there, I might “like” the page, increasing the company’s exposure to my Facebook network, and scroll around to see if anyone else posted a selfie, thereby exposing me to all of the marketing content elsewhere on the page.

The combination of personalized card and invitation to post on Facebook connects customers and potential customers with IBP on Facebook and lets IBP know how many people are responding to its personalized cards. It also encourages people to poke around the page, and if they find another selfie they like, they will repost it. That gives IBP extra bang for its buck.

This is a really simple but effective idea for self-promotion using the best of print and social media.

Kudos, IBP. (Now where’s my prize?)


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