4 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

By | December 23, 2015

Having more followers on Twitter is a direct reflection on your success as a micro-blogger. The more followers you have, the louder the voice you have. Being personable, engaging, and having a personality can go a long way when trying to gain Twitter followers. Below are some important housekeeping tips to keep in mind when creating an appealing Twitter account.

  1. Keep a simple Twitter handle. First and foremost, keep a simple Twitter handle. Having a complicated handle can get difficult to search and confuse existing and potential followers. By doing this, it helps people easily remember who you are. Keep in mind that the first thing someone will see when they search you is your bio. Tell them about yourself and use hashtags; believe it or not, they still work in your bio. This is important to remember because when people are searching a random hashtag, your bio could pop up and they can realize that you offer value to what they are looking for.
  2. Start with your tweets. Are they real? Do they sound robotic? Are you asking questions? These questions are important to keep in mind. If you present monotone and dull posts, they will prevent people from following you and may even cause existing followers to unfollow you! Posting a link to an article with a long URL will not cut it; you need to inform the people why they want to click your link. Show them the value that you can bring, giving them a reason to follow you by providing them with knowledge and useful information. However, don’t forget to be a real person. Show that you have an engaging personality by posting pictures of what happens in your business as well as your personal life; and remember, don’t be afraid to be humorous every once in a while!
  3. Engage your audience and ask them questions. When someone feels as though their opinion matters, they feel like they are now of value to you, which they definitely are! Building a strong relationship with followers is important when trying to relay your company’s information. If you can get them to enjoy talking to you and like what you have to say, then the retweets will start. When you have followers essentially recommending you to their group of followers, that’s when you can get some real attraction.
  4. Take a break from the computer! Lastly, try getting off the computer. Not all advertising is done online and you can attain followers from printed materials. It is very important to put your Twitter handle on your printed materials such as your business cards or postcards for events. This is also one of the most powerful ways to get your name out there. Give them your Twitter handle directly so they know exactly how to find you!

By following these tips and making quick adjustments, you will have a successful Twitter account. Remember to give your followers a reason to follow you, by providing them with information that they can benefit from. Show who you really are in a professional way to excite your followers.

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