How Multichannel Affects the Sales Funnel

By | December 3, 2015

Why does multichannel marketing work so well? Why has it become one of the most common topics discussed throughout the industry these days?

We all know that part of the reason for multichannel’s success is repeated exposure and reinforcement of the message. Another less discussed reason is that different media play different roles in moving customers along the sales funnel. This is well illustrated in a 2014 study by Experian that placed channels in one of three categories: “greeter” (creating brand awareness), “influencer” (generating interest), and “closer” (getting the sale). When each channel plays its role, the marketer closes more sales and gets more results.

According to Experian’s “2014 Digital Market Trends Report,” the top channels for creating brand awareness (“Greeter”) are as follows:

  • Search marketing: 43%
  • Online display ads: 42%
  • Social display ads: 40%
  • Social media (not paid): 38%
  • Print advertising: 37%

Top channels for generating interest (“Influencer”):

  • Email marketing: 49%
  • Social media (not paid): 44%
  • Online display ads: 35%
  • Print advertising: 33%
  • Social display ads: 33%

Top channels for getting the sale (“Closer”):

  • Website (e-commerce): 42%
  • Email marketing: 30%
  • Direct mail: 20%
  • Mobile apps: 20%
  • Search marketing: 17%

The study also found that half of global cross-channel marketers surveyed planned to integrate four or more channels in their campaigns in 2014.

The breadth of the number of channels being used for each of these steps in the sales process reinforces the critical nature of reaching across the aisle. All of these channels are being used, and the more integrated these channels become, the more critical it is for MSPs and PSPs to be part of the mix. As the individual channels become more well understood and the strategies for integrating them more refined, you don’t want to be standing in an outside silo looking in. You need to be part of the mix from the beginning. So next time you open that conversation, perhaps you don’t want to focus on the channels. You want to focus on the funnel.

Adapted from the report “State of Multichannel Marketing in the Printing Industry” (Digital Printing Reports 2015).

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