The Standard Group Shows Us How Multichannel Makes for a Merry Christmas (Video)

By | December 22, 2015

I’ve been waiting all year to talk about The Standard Group’s multichannel holiday campaign because I think it’s one of the smartest self-promotion campaigns I’ve seen in a long time. But first — just to make sure you don’t miss it — I need to give the spoiler. You must watch the company’s Christmas video.

This isn’t just terrific holiday fun showing off the staff’s sense of humor (I love the guy deadpanning it on the bongos). It’s part of a larger multichannel campaign, including video, that gave its customers and employees a crash course in the company’s multichannel capabilities, many of which its customers (and even its employees) didn’t realize the company could do.

First, TSG created a representation of the company’s headquarters as a gingerbread house. The mailing was segmented and personalized. Like an advent calendar, the windows on the mailer were to be opened on specific days. Each window either led to an online video message or enabled the recipient to order a personalized or branded gift. These included holiday messages from the CEO or their individual salesperson (depending on the recipient), holiday cookbooks, holiday music performed by TSG musicians, gift to charity in their name, and a branded mug.

To access the video or place the order, recipients were asked to log into a personalized URL. If they tried to order before the assigned date for that gift, they got a message from Santa telling them they were being naughty.

TSG GingerbreadThe campaign exposed customers to TSG’s ability to coordinate and integrate personalized URLs, QR Codes, video, personalization, high-quality print and decorative finishing, complex programming, and social media. The result was fun, but eye-opening and educational. Within a short time, it had requests from customers to do something similar for them the following year.

Needless to say, The Standard Group was celebrating very happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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One thought on “The Standard Group Shows Us How Multichannel Makes for a Merry Christmas (Video)

  1. Thanh Nguyen

    This was our first real company holiday video and it was a challenge to get people to participate. But afterwards, I was told that they had so much fun and they were glad to be a part of the video. This year’s video we doubled our number of participants. If you are considering doing a fun holiday video, I encourage you 100%. Great team building and morale boost.

    Thanks for great post. Happy Holidays Heidi.

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