3 Surprising Stats About Print Buyers

By | January 7, 2016

In the study “The New Print Buyers: Who They Are, What They Want and What You Should Do,” released by industry experts and consultants Margie Dana and John Zarwan, there are some surprising stats about print buyers. Dana shared the highlights in a webinar on November 5.

Here are three that got my attention:

  1. Only 13% of print buyers want their printers to “just print.” According to Dana, this is a total about face from a survey she conducted only a few years ago when professional print buyers wanted to work with printers who just put ink on paper.
  2. Despite what we have been hearing, print buyers still care what iron printers have on the floor. Nearly three-quarters (73%) said the equipment list really matters. “I’ve had pushback on this stat, but the numbers don’t lie,” says Dana.
  3. Aside from ink on paper, what is the number one thing print buyers look for in their printers? The ability to offer ideas about new print concepts, innovation, and creative suggestions. Print buyers are not “all about that price.”

“People who source print for their companies are increasingly found within the marketing departments of their companies,” says Dana, and as print continues this migration, “printers must gain influence with marketers as a whole.”

“Marketing is where the decisions are made from how the marketing pie will be divided up,” Dana concludes. “High-level marketers need to understand the wonders that are possible with print and the high-level functionality and capabilities that print can achieve for them.”

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