What percentage of marketers use cross-channel?

By | February 6, 2016

I am regularly asked if I have run across any data on the percentage of marketers using cross-channel marketing, and the Direct Marketing Association has provided us with some insight. In its 2015 DMA Response Rate Report, it found that . . .

  • 83% of marketers utilize email marketing programs
  • 65% utilize email + one other channel
  • 44% utilize three channels (email + direct mail + social)

This data was provided in a presentation for the American Marketing Association Akron/Canton chapter “Integrating Direct Mail and Email” by Gary Seitz, EVP and co-owner of CTrac, an MSP in Strongsville, OH. CTrac specializes in interactive marketing, database management and related support services.

According to Seitz, response rates increase by up to 35% when direct and email are delivered in a cohesive campaign.

Among the benefits of direct mail according to Seitz?

  • Drives a wide variety of prospects to the web
  • Great strategy for building email lists
  • Re-engages those who no longer open emails or abandon shopping carts

Email marketing is:

  • Less expensive and less time consuming
  • Simplifies and boosts responses

In terms of the power of even a simple direct mail + email multichannel program, Seitz gave the example of one of CTrac’s own clients. The company was promoting its seminars and events. It started with a direct mail “save the date” invitation. The first email was sent three to seven days after the mailing. The second email was sent two weeks later. The company got a 41% open rate. Then it sent a final reminder by direct mail. That final reminder resulted in a 50% increase in reservations. The ROI on the final mailing was over 300%.

Multichannel marketing doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Just the “one-two punch” of direct mail and email can be tremendously effective. In fact, Seitz concludes, “No single channel is as successful as the proper combination of direct mail and email.”

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