Must Have Data for Multichannel Marketing

By | April 27, 2016

If you are doing multichannel marketing and haven’t seen Neilsen’s new report “Comparable Metrics: Q4 2015,” just released yesterday, then you need to download a copy.

The report includes a wide variety of digital media, including TV, radio, TV connected devices, and PCs. But what strikes me most in this report is the data on mobile. We tend to talk about mobile marketing as a single channel, as if all mobile marketing is the same. But this data shows a very different story.

  • Blacks and Hispanics watch mobile phone video nearly twice as much as the overall population (.30 hours and .33 hours, respectively, compared to .18 for the population overall).
  • Adults 18+ spent nearly nearly twice as much time overall on their phones as they did on tablets, but when it comes to watching mobile video, adults were watching twice as much video (82 minutes per week) on their tablets compared to their phones (44 minutes per week).
  • For social networking, smartphones came out on top. Adults 18+ were twice as likely to be doing social networking on their phones as on their tablets (238 minutes per week compared to 133 minutes per week).
  • Among adults 18-34, overall tablet use goes down, but time spent watching video goes up to 103 minutes per week.
  • Adults 50+ are the most likely to be using tablets every day. Those in the 50+ age bracket use smartphones 5.6 days per week, and they use tablets 5.2 days per week — the highest of any age bracket.

The interesting nuggets continue, and the point is that the mobile market is diverse. It is diverse in who is using which mobile devices, how they are using them, and how much time they spend doing it. This has significant consequences on how you develop the mobile portions of your multichannel campaigns and whether you develop unique content for different devices.

Mobile is getting more complicated. Is your expertise keeping pace?

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