QR Codes: Do This, Not That!

By | April 20, 2016

When do I see QR Codes more and more these days? On plants, flowers, and seeds. It’s a perfect use for QR Codes, and if you’re printing packaging or collateral for suppliers of gardening products and they are not currently using QR Codes, perhaps it’s something you should suggest.

HOWEVER, these QR Codes have to go somewhere useful. Otherwise, your clients should not bother to add them at all.

Seeds 1This weekend, we pulled out the spring seeds and had a garden planting day. My husband had brought home a mixed pepper variety, along with some herbs I’ve never planted before. I immediately had questions. When should these seeds go in the ground? Are they direct sow or do they need to be started indoors? If they are started indoors, how soon before outdoor planting? I was pleased to see that all of the packets had QR Codes on them. Information to the rescue!

On planting pot #1, the QR Code was not useful to me at all. The code took me to the grower’s website where I could search and find all of their related products. That’s not a bad use of QR Codes, but that’s not what I was looking for. Maybe if I had been in shopping mode, but not in planting mode. On the seed packet, however, the QR Code immediately took me to a mobile page on growing peppers. Perfect! I got the information I needed, and next time I buy seeds, guess which brand I will buy?

Seeds 3There is nothing magical about QR Codes and how to use them well.

  • Place them where they will be easily seen.
  • Anticipate what information the person scanning the product will be looking for.
  • Create a mobile page with that information on it, so when the person scans the code, they get what they are looking for.

Would someone scan a QR Code to find out what other products are for sale by the same company? Yes, and it’s not a terrible content to put on the back end. But taking into consideration the product and the customer base, and the most likely times when the QR Code would be used, the grower should have had product information and growing information. Because they didn’t, and because another manufacturer did, they lost a long-term customer to a competitor who knows how to use QR Codes better than they did.

Are you going to let your clients make the same mistake?

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