Do You Know What’s Happening in the C-Suite?

By | June 20, 2016

As printers increasingly transition into marketing services providers, it’s critical to understand what is happening in the C-Suite, or the senior executives within a company. Specifically for our industry, we are interested in the marketing and business development executives. To this end, IBM’s “Redefining Markets: Insights from the C-Suite Study,” provides a mother load.

The growth in the number of studies of marketing strategy and perspective is interesting. It used to be that we tracked technology adoption. Then we tracked channels, which determined the technologies to use. Now, we are tracking behavior, which determines the selection, timing, and integration of channels.

It just makes sense, and it’s about time that we got here. Understanding customer motivation and behavior is the foundation on which everything else is built.

One of the reasons that this understanding has become so important is that traditional dividing lines between, well, everything are disappearing. The “Redefining Markets” report calls it “barrier breach.” Here are the percentage of CMOs who see the following barriers being breached:

  • Industry convergence (67%)
  • Redistribution of customer purchasing power (49%)
  • The “anywhere” workplace (48%)

What this means is that your customers cannot package their industry mailings into neat market verticals anymore. Nor can they assume they will reach their target audience by saturating an office building. The most relevant target may not even be on site. This is driving more personalization, more mobile marketing, and more psychographic targeting.

The good news is that they need YOU more than ever before, and capitalizing on this means investing in more brainpower on site and in strategic relationships to help them get there. It also means investing in the right vendor partnerships to support the directions that you are taking your customers.

So invest in the right technologies, the right software, but also the right relationships. Brainpower is as important these days as press power.

To download “Redefining Markets,” click here.


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