Re-Targeting as Part of the Multichannel Mix

By | July 7, 2016

Retargeting has been around for awhile, but I’m starting to hear about it more and more. Increasingly, it has become an important part of the multichannel marketing mix (including those that include print) and important for MSPs to understand.

As an MSP, your goal is to generate campaigns that get results. Particularly on the front end, that means print. But then what? You create a personalized or segmented marketing campaign that drives flocks of people to the client’s website. However, statistics show that only 2% of online shoppers convert when visiting a website for the first time. Your job is to help your client capture more of the other 98%. If you don’t, they may see the print mailing as a flop.

In other words, helping them capture more of that 98% benefits the client, but it also benefits you.

How do you get at those people?

  • You can continue to mail to them and hope they convert next time.
  • You can nudge them with email.
  • Or you can do retargeting.

Retargeting is the practice of tracking the online behavior of people who visit a website and then targeting them later with relevant ads online. Sometimes retargeting is most effective when it happens immediately. Other times, it is more effective when it happens sometime later. (Enter: testing.)

Say you have a customer who has a high-end, niche pet supply store. Someone comes to the website and clicks on information on organic dog treats but doesn’t make a purchase. When they log into their Facebook page later that day, they might be see an ad for organic dog treats, paired with a strong call to action and an online coupon. Suddenly, the awareness campaign that began with direct mail ends in an online sale—and it’s one that might or might not have occurred without the additional nudge provided by retargeting.

Retargeting simply takes a little bit of Javascript code on the customer’s website and is available through numerous online suppliers of retargeting services. If you want to incorporate retargeting, it’s easy to find.

While MSPs may balk at incorporating online advertising as part of their service mix, it’s not much different than the resistance to mobile several years ago. Today, mobile is an expected part of the mix. As most MSPs acknowledge, even if you aren’t offering the service in-house, it’s at least part of the discussion.

Today, retargeting deserves the same attention.

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