A Peek at Kohl’s Multichannel Marketing Strategy

By | August 31, 2016

According to InfoTrends, marketers’ top two goals when it comes to their marketing communications are customer experience and customer loyalty (43% and 35% of marketers citing these as top marketing goals, respectively). Retailers are accomplishing this with smart, integrated, and personalized multichannel strategies that we can all learn from.

One of these multichannel marketers is Kohl’s. Comperemedia recently did an analysis of Kohl’s cross-channel strategy and outlined its efforts in three key areas: direct mail, email, and social media.

Here’s what they found:

KohlsDirect mail

Kohl’s is actively using direct mail in the following ways:

  • Adding QR Codes to send direct mail recipients to Kohls.com.
  • Promoting “buy online, pick up in store” to drive foot traffic.
  • Allowing people to scan the direct mail piece to download the Kohl’s app.
  • Mailing personalized birthday cards to Kohl’s shoppers and giving them a “special gift.”

Mobile-optimized email

Kohl’s updated its confirmation emails by optimizing them for mobile in the following ways:

  • Adding reminders to bring in their receipt.
  • Adding images of in-store signage to help csutomers locate the pick-up location.
  • Adding a CTA button on the order summary to allow customers to access directions via GPS

Social media

Kohl’s created microsites for all of its products discussed in its social media posts. Posts are linked to the microsites so that followers can click to go right to product information. For example, followers on Pinterest can “shop the look” by clicking a link to the Kohl’s site.

What is notable about this strategy is how integrated it is. Each channel is not “doing its own thing.” It is integrated with and supporting the others. This isn’t a direct mail + email + social media strategy. It’s a customer experience strategy that uses multiple channels toward a common goal.

This is exactly what InfoTrends is talking about when it talks about focusing on customer experience. It’s not just the experience with the direct mail piece, the online shopping experience, or being in-store. It’s the seamless and integrated experience that customers get when interacting with the brand regardless of channel they are using, and all of the channels are working together to drive the others.

Don’t let this scare you off. These things aren’t rocket science. The steps Kohl’s is taking are within the scope of capability of most savvy MSPs — and they will work for a wide range of clients, not just large retailers. Is Kohl’s strategy a model you can use with your customer base?

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