Cleaning Authority Does QR Codes Well

By | August 21, 2016

I am seeing more and more direct mail campaigns with QR Codes done well. Cleaning Authority provides yet another example of how you can use QR Codes to help your customers boost their direct mail results.

IMG_8629Cleaning Authority is a national housecleaning service, and the other day, I received a simple self-folding mailer with a QR Code on the front. Right away, I was informed that I could win a free housecleaning by scanning the code. The CTA was clear. I understood the value of taking the extra step of scanning the code, and for those who didn’t know how to use a QR Code, there was a URL.

Once I scanned the code, I went to a well done mobile site. It contained customer testimonials, social media share buttons, and more clear CTAs. The share buttons were a nice touch, allowing The Cleaning Authority to spread its message. With a free cleaning in the mix, there was value for respondents in making the share.

IMG_8628In case respondents didn’t win, and now that they had been exposed to multiple testimonials an easy-to-use site, The Cleaning Authority invited people to call for an in-home visit and free housecleaning estimate.

Simple, clean, and quick. This was a well-crafted campaign that accomplished its marketing goal, and its use of QR Code moved that goal along.

This is something you can do. It’s something your clients can do. For the right campaigns, it’s something you should.

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