3 Ways to Use Pokémon GO to Get More Print

By | September 9, 2016

Looking to give your customers more reason to print? Try Pokémon Go.

That might sound like a strange combination, but I just read an interesting article on SuccessfulMeetings.com that offered a number of suggestions for incorporating Pokémon Go into a successful meeting strategy. A number of those suggestions just happen to involve print.

pokemonNot only could you create new opportunities for your clients to print with you, but you might even be able to ucapture more share of the customer print by getting into their event and trade show marketing side of the business if you aren’t already.

The goal of Pokémon GO is to locate and capture more than 100 types of fictional creatures that appear in your smartphone layered over the real world. Grab them, store them, and use them to battle others playing the game. The game includes designated landmarks called “Pokéstops” where players can gather items to help them catch more Pokémon. It also includes “gyms” where players wage battle.

People are crazy for Pokémon, and Pokémon fanatics are always looking for new opportunities to play and new people to play with (and against). You can help your clients create those opportunities while marketing their business and drawing more foot traffic to their store, restaurant, or venue locations at the same time.

Here’s how:

Idea #1: Create PokéStop maps. Whether created for a specific event, such as meeting or convention, or for a local shop or restaurant who wants to draw in out-of-town visitors, printing and promoting maps for PokéStops is a simple way to create value . . . and more print for you. Successful Meetings gave the example of the Cincinnati Zoom and Botanical Garden, which created a complete map of the grounds showing the 26 PokéStops, two gyms, and all of the Pokémon located in the venue so people could be easily find and capture them.

Idea #2: Get promoting! Once the maps are printed, it’s time to promote them. Create a direct mail campaign. For storefront locations, print window clings, sidewalk signs, and in-store signage promoting the map and letting people know it’s available.  “Get your PokéStop map here!”

Idea #3: Organize and promote Pokémon hunts. With so many people crazy for Pokémon, encourage clients to create and promote their own Pokémon hunts. It’s a great way to draw people into the store, restaurant, or local venue to meet, connect, and go searching for Pokémon together. For you, it means direct mail, in-store signage, and other printed products to market the event.

The digital world offers tremendous opportunities to grow your print business. Like Pokémon, you just have to go out and find them.


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2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use Pokémon GO to Get More Print

  1. Kasey

    These are great ideas! I Love the Pokemap idea however, what is the copyright implication of using the Pokemon name, especially while promoting?

  2. Heidi Tolliver-Walker Post author

    I’m not sure, but it’s a great question.  I think about the local library having a book discussion on the latest bestseller and promoting it on their website and on signs in the library. That’s fine, and this is along the same lines, but clearly, using Pokemon images would violate the trademark without permission. It would require some digging to ensure that it was handled in a way that follows all legal requirements.

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