Home Depot Water Test Uses QR Codes Well

By | September 22, 2016

After checking out of Home Depot, I walked into a QR Code — almost literally. The big white sign with giant red letters read, “Free Water Test for Home Owners. Watch this video.”

water-testI scanned the QR Code, which led me directly to a short informative video that told me what the water test was, demonstrated how simple it was to do, and provided a short call to action.

The whole presentation was smart.

  • I couldn’t miss the sign.
  • The CTA used the word “video,” which is probably the most powerful channel in marketing right now.
  • The QR Code led directly to the video, which was simple, inexpensive to produce, and well done.
  • The video demonstrated visually how easy the process was.
  • It was short enough to view walking between the sign and my car, giving me time to turn around and grab a test before I drove away (if I hadn’t already).

This campaign wasn’t complicated, and it worked. The only thing I would have added was short explanatory text telling the non-QR Code initiated to scan with a QR Code reader to access the video.

Videos like this cost little to produce, and the QR Code + video combination is something MSPs should become adept at producing and marketing to their customers. They require only good studio lighting, a good script, and a decent video camera. Adding the QR Code is free.

Studies show that people process information visually much faster and retain the information better than they do in text, and the ability to add video not only improves your customers’ engagement with their audience but gives them yet another reason to produce more printed collateral.

With such a low barrier to entry, shouldn’t this be in your bag of tools?

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