Insights into Enterprises’ Demand Gen Efforts (Study)

By | November 8, 2016

For the past three years, Annuitas has released its Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Study, which seeks to document the strategies, objectives, and goals of marketers working in enterprise organizations with revenues of $250 million and above. Here are some key takeaways for printers and MSPs serving (or looking to serve) this marketplace:

  • Marketers continue to struggle with the effectiveness of their demand generation efforts. Only 17% report that they are “very effective” in reaching their primary goals. Seventy percent report moderate effectiveness.
  • Annuitas did, however, see a 9% increase in the number of enterprises that state that they are being more successful with their demand generation. In part, this is because they are taking a more holistic look at their buyers.
  • This year, Annuitas saw an 11% increase in companies that use buyer personas a standard part of their demand generation program. “This continuing upward trend (22% increase since 2014) shows that organizations are becoming more buyer-centric in their approach to demand generation,” notes the report.
  • One of the reasons that enterprises are struggling is the lack of commitment to building and documenting a content marketing strategy. Annuitas’ benchmark study found that only two-thirds currently have a formal plan in place, although this is an increase of 15% from last year.
  • More than half of enterprise organizations are conducting 15 campaigns per year. This indicates that their demand generation departments are taking a tactical (one and done) approach rather than a strategic “always on” approach that is more effective. “Buyers want to have an ongoing conversation throughout the sales process,” Annuitas notes. “An ‘always on’ approach . . . that is optimized over time will yield better results.”
  • Indeed, the lack of documented strategy, combined with the majority of enterprise marketers (55%) increasing their spend on content marketing, may lead to poor results from their content marketing investments.

The top goals of enterprises’ demand gen campaigns?

  • Quality of leads         92%
  • Customer Cross-sell/upsell 62%
  • Volume of leads         61%
  • Brand awareness      48%
  • Customer retention  33%

Click here to download a copy of the study.

2016 Enterprise B2B Demand Generation Study


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