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USPS Promotes Emerging Mobile Technology


The United States Postal Service is running an Emerging Technology promotion for business mailers who incorporate Near Field Communication or Augmented Reality into their direct mail (Standard Mail letters and flats. Nonprofit Standard Mail letters and flats). The promotion is part of a USPS effort to promote the “best practices for integrating direct mail with mobile technology, and offers promotions and incentives to help you continuously invest in the future of your business.” The promotion provides an discount of 2% on postage and runs between until September 31st.

Barb Pellow shared some hard numbers and real world examples of these technologies in Game-Changers for the Printing Industry: Mobile on WhatTheyThink.

John Foley says NFC is “extremely beneficial for marketing and in particular, print campaigns” and recently published a video here on Digital Nirvana on how to utilize NFC for print marketing.


Mimeo Opens Print Production Platform


Online printing leader Mimeo has announced plans to open its print production platform to third parties:

The new program makes it possible for partners to leverage any and all parts of Mimeo’s market leading front-end applications and its production workflow, printing, and distribution abilities. The move by Mimeo is the result of nearly two years of investments in its application development and cloud based infrastructure. Third party partners can now utilize any part of the Mimeo web to print platform as if it were their own.

The platform’s architecture is set up in layers designed to support different components: online applications, partner websites, enterprise integrations, and production services. A solutions team has been put in place to work with companies that are interested in utilizing these new software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and print resources. Mimeo will announce its first platform partners in the coming weeks.

The company will offer a white-label product for channel partners and integration for enterprises seeking to outsource print and developers would like to add print capabilities to their applications.

Google Cloud Print


Google has announced plans to print through the Cloud with its Google Chrome OS. Printing is a network service that still relies on print drivers, direct connections or specific local network configuration. “Developing and maintaining print subsystems for every combination of hardware and operating system– from desktops to netbooks to mobile devices — simply isn’t feasible.” say Chrome OS developers, “Our goal is to build a printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.”

Applications submit print jobs to the service via the web-based common print dialog or API offered by the service. Google Cloud Print then sends the print job to the selected printer which the user has previously registered with the service. A new class of cloud-aware printers connects directly to the service and offers the best user experience. Legacy printers connect to the service via a proxy.

The technology to print to the cloud is still in early development and is not yet available in shipping products. Design docs have been published and related code checked into Chrome OS.

Case Study: VMI Foundation Engages Alumni


Print in the Mix is providing access to a PODi case study on the use of personalized direct marketing to Virginia Military Institute’s alumni. The campaign included email, direct mail, Personalized URLs and video and achieved an overall direct marketing response rate of 23%:

The VMI Foundation is a private, non-profit corporation that annually raises millions of dollars in gifts and commitments for the Virginia Military Institute. DENMAR Information Technologies developed a direct marketing campaign that would engage VMI Alumni in a new and relevant manner and gather key information about alumni to be used in future fundraising campaigns. The campaign included email, direct mail, Personalized URLs and video and achieved an overall direct marketing response rate of 23%.

The case study is accessible until April 30, 2010.

FedEx Office, Canon U.S.A. and HP Collaborate to Redefine Retail Printing


FedEx Office has partnered with Canon and HP to the sole-source providers and will deploy more than 12,000 new Canon and HP printing devices across more than 1,800 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The transition will to the new equipment will occur over the next 12 months.

“Customers’ expectations of printing have changed dramatically, and we are transforming our business to stay ahead of those trends and improve on our leadership position,” said Brian Philips, President and CEO of FedEx Office. “In Canon and HP, we are choosing two companies that understand our business and whose incomparable reputations, brands and histories of innovation align with our vision to bring customer ideas to life through the world’s best print-on-demand network.”

With this move FedEx Office hopes to provide a consistent experience across all of their locations. FedEx Office outlines their planned benefits in their press release

This announcement has to hurt Xerox who have had a strong presence in the copy areas and high volume production areas at FedEx Office.

Postal Service Submits 5-day Delivery Plan


The Postal Service has submitted its case for five-day delivery to the Postal Regulatory Commission. The filing on March 30th is part of The Postal Service’s Delivering the Future plan.

“The Postal Service does not take this change lightly and would not propose it if six-day mail service could be supported by current volumes. There is no longer enough mail to sustain six days of delivery.”

Mail volume is projected to fall from 177 billion in 2009 to 150 billion in 2020.

The Postal Service says 5-day Delivery will save more than $3 billion a year.

Comparing the Costs & Response Rates for Inkjet & Toner Technologies


A new study by research firm Interquest challenges the belief that glossy direct marketing mailers deliver superior response rates when compared to matte finished materials produced with inkjet technology. For the study Interquest sent a total of 10,585 direct mail postcards to marketing managers and executives from various industry sectors in the U.S. Approximately half of the postcards were printed on a full-color inkjet device, and half on a full-color toner-based production copier/printer.

Download the report for all the details.

Mine magazine case study in personalization with The Ace Group’s Val DiGiacinto



31,000 subscribers received six 32-page issues (36 pages with Cover)

A 2 week 24×7 production cycle was required for each issue

According to Ace Group’s Val DiGiacinto, Lexus, Time, Inc. and Team One said readership time on Mind Magazine was three times that of a regular magazine.

60% lift rate (based on click-through response to custom landing page)

Dutch Enterprise Chamber dismisses requests by Hermes/USS


The Dutch Enterprise Chamber have dismissed requests by Hermes/USS for an investigation into the negotiations between Canon and Océ.

Hermes Focus Asset Management Ltd, which holds 3.3% stake, and Universities Superannuation Scheme, which holds a 1.8% stake, last week filed the request with the Enterprise Chamber for an investigation with respect to the negotiations between Canon and Océ about the tender offer for Océ shares and subsequent events.