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Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at the online community She holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and a master of science degree in Graphic Arts Publishing from RIT. An award-winning designer, she held the position of creative director for a Baltimore-based agency for six years, and has taught design and desktop publishing at the college level. Trish has a specialized expertise in the area of folding and is the creator of the FOLDRite™ system, and the template-building software plug-in FOLDRite Template Master. Trish frequently writes and blogs on the topic of folding and finishing and hosts a popular weekly e-video, the “60-second Super-cool FOLD of the WEEK.” She has written three books on the topic of folding: A Field Guide to Folding, Folding for the Graphic Arts: A Teacher’s Handbook, and FOLD: The Professional's Guide to Folding.

FOLD of the WEEK: Angel Iron Cross Invitation with Layered Die Cuts


This week we offer a creative spin on a Fold of the Week favorite – the Iron Cross Fold. Produced by Trabon and designed by VML Advertising for The Children’s Place Angels’ Gala, this dramatic invitation features a detailed angel-wing-shaped die cut on every panel. The layered panels create not only a lovely reveal, but also a space in the center to hold the invitation and response materials. Shimmery pearlized foil and attention to every design and production detail makes for a fabulous presentation.

All new Fold of the Week!

What should a company do when it wants to change its name? Throw a great party, of course! This week’s selection, designed by Prismatic ( and produced by Lawton Printers ( of Orlando, offers a really fun modification to the always exciting and varied tulip fold format. By adding a reverse panel to the cover, the opening experience is entirely fresh. The piece is dramatic in scale and features holographic foil, too. It’s a real winner. Cheers!

Super-Cool Fold of the Week!


Brace yourselves for the most amazing feat of direct mail and digital print. This week’s selection was a spectacular find from HP’s DScoop Conference in Orlando. From Motioncutter in Germany and printed on an HP Indigo press, this pop-up self-mailer has an exciting secret – high-speed variable laser-cutting with personalization! Yes, imagine a different, highly-detailed laser cut name in EVERY mailpiece, produced at speeds of up to 6,500 per hour. Skeptical? You can watch their demo video, too. Mind = blown.


Super-cool Fold of the Week!


This week we highlight a mailer from GLS Companies in Brooklyn Park, MN. This is a great example of a creative self-mailer that fits within the realm of the newly created UPS self-mailer guidelines. Designed by Doug’s Creative in MN, this mailer presents as a postcard-sized booklet which opens sequentially in a “traveling snake” format. Each successive opening entices the reader with a snappy comment and then opens to reveal additional information. Very clever by both the designer and the printer!

Another Super-Cool Fold of the Week


This week we look at the Awesome Spiral Accordion Mailer – it’s a must see mailer! Design by CSG Creative in Alexandria, VA. and produced by ITP in Elizabethtown, PA. This 2-part direct mail piece features a post card and circular piece that fits inside a mylar envelope, mailed first class. The circular piece unfolds in a spiral accordion patterns which opens to reveal a rectangular piece. The color and design accentuate the fold which highlights the expert nature of this piece. Scored and hand-folded – the final product is worth the effort.

Take a look for yourself!


It was the best of folds…


The recent USPS Folded Self-Mailer regulations mean big things for direct mailers – there are now more creative options available to the mailing industry. These new options capitalize on advances in technology and mail processing capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about these new regulations, you can click here to to read the summarized reference guide, which was created jointly by the USPS and mailing industry.

In this week’s 60 Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week we highlight a direct mail piece from American Express which is made possible through – you guessed it – these new Folded Self-Mailer regulations! In this piece, you’ll see an opening flap on the non-address side of the envelope used to highlight some of the most noteworthy information bits of the offer. The piece opens to reveal an additional self-contained pocket, glued on the sides, protecting smaller printed brochures, response card, and response envelope. This is a great example of a fully automated, inline finishing direct mail run that will stand out in your customers stack of mail, inviting them to open.

Enough from me – see for yourself!

Fold of the Week!


And we are back with another Super Cool Fold of the Week!

This week’s fold comes from Penmor Lithographers in Lewiston, Maine. It is an innovative packet folder that was too interesting not to share! The tri-fold format folder has two big pockets allowing Penmor ample room to fill with print samples for promotional use. The cool part is in the third panel which holds three stacked inserts. It’s almost as if there are mini brochures built into the packet folder. The best part is how this area allows Penmor to draw customers’ attention to three key pieces of information that will not get lost amid other content in the first two pocket panels.

Watch the video to see exactly how Penmor created the final panel, complete with stoppers so as not to lose the inserts.

Wow ’em with Your Holiday Card


In the spirit of the holidays, is sharing a playlist of some of their favorite holiday solutions from their world-famous sample library. Watch “magic hands” videos of 16 inspired holiday card solutions.

People have been sending us cool holiday cards for years, and we thought it was time to start building a playlist of holiday solutions to help companies get noticed at this time of year. If you’re a printer or designer or paper company, there’s a lot of pressure to do something memorable at the holidays, and I hope the playlist grows and becomes a springboard for new ideas.

Of course, foldfactory is always looking to expand the sample collection as well. If you produced a holiday card that you’re proud of – this year or in the past – we’d love to add it to the playlist and share it with the world. We’re also always looking for interesting solutions for direct mail, marketing brochures, pocket folders, invitations, specialty folding, and even bound solutions that integrate interesting folding techniques. To submit samples to, please visit for a mailing address.

Super-Cool Fold of the Week


This week, Trish shows us that any unique form or idea can be transformed into something mail-able… happy news for direct mailers everywhere! The piece is from Allied Printing Services, Inc. in Manchester, CT and was created for Hanover Insurance Group. This self-contained mailer pulls open to reveal a series of stacked classic tulip folds. Each panel features four stacked squares with a diagonal score which allows the two panels to collapse in. These pieces are somewhat labor intensive as they are all hand-folded, but we think the work pays off to create an impressive (mail-able) statement.

60-second Super-cool Fold of the Week #172

You can watch last week’s video here!

Fold of the Week


Tune in for this week’s Super-Cool Fold of the Week… the Aquatic Iron Cross with Pocket and Wavy Accordion Insert. This fold comes from Finlay created for Mohegan Sun in CT for their 15th Anniversary. Words cannot do this fold justice, so watch the video below!