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Jell-O, Healthcare and the New Normal


Running a hospital or healthcare practice is already labor and capital intensive, highly regulated and impenetrably complex. The Affordable Care Act and the growing trend toward consumerism has added constant change to the list of industry challenges. While the ACA itself is the law of the land and implementation is moving forward, the foundational elements… Read More »

Avoiding a Multi-Channel Marketing Meltdown


There is no doubt that more and more companies in the print industry are looking to expand their services to include additional marketing channels. Certainly, some have been doing that for many years, while others may just be starting to hop on the transformation path. The transformation from a print-only business to one that offers… Read More »

LinkedIn Basics


LinkedIn has always been a business-oriented social networking site. So it’s a natural place to set up shop and create a presence in order to connect with other businesses. It helps you to keep in touch with colleagues and customers, find experts, or show off your own expertise. LinkedIn allows you to interact and network… Read More »